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PIMVoip means more efficiency, reliability and improved service time for your business. PIMVoip phone system has a full range of features to enhance your business communications.

Communication with anyone,
anywhere and from any device has
never been so easy!

Key Benefits

Over traditional telephone systems

  • Build better customer relationships with smart call center software.
  • Connect PIMVoip to the business tools you love
  • Track and record calls automatically
  • PIMVoip call center software ready for Remote work

Our Sector Specific VoIP Solutions

Whether your business is a large enterprise or an SME, PIMVoip have a flexible, cost effective VoIP solution to suit your needs.

Hosted Telephony

By choosing a hosted telephony provider you are taking advantage of the latest available telephony technology. All of the heavy liftings which used to be a hassle, like updates, implementing new features, and maintenance, are taken care of in the cloud by our engineers.

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